Friday, February 4, 2011

Little Deeds of Kindness. 1. A man on the bus stop

In December 2010, i was in Madurai. Coming from north India, i was feeling a bit tenses about how i will live there for a week. The major apprehension was about communication.
As expected most people i met spoke in local language.
I was running low on budget, so decided to use the local bus for commutation. First day, i was like lost, which bus to take, which route and where to get down.

While waiting at the bus stop, i asked couple of people about the routes and options.However i couldn't understand much. To my pleasant surprise, a person sensed my problem and came to me and drew a small map about the places where i wanted to go. This along with some bus numbers and stop names transliterated in english. having thanked him, i tried the document he made for me. The small map and detailed info served as a custom made tourist map, and i managed to travel easily.

I wont forget this persons initiative, and help for the rest of my life. and am now convinced that People are basically good and want to be helpful.

Contributed by - Vijay Khanna :